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This Bible study was written by Pastor Mike and Pastor Lexa.  It is designed for individuals to meet with one another or to be experienced in a small group setting.  The link below takes you to the website where an intro track describes the details of the program.  Below are copies of the study guide that can be used in conjunction to the discussion times after listening to each track.  

Listen to tracks


Phase 1: Decision


Phase 2: Discipline


Phase 3: Identity

WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY - In Person AND Online options

10:00 - 11:00 AM and 7:00 - 8:00PM 

This group explores story of God as they travel through the Scriptures together.

Come and be challenged to live a life of worship wherever you are.   By request Bible Study will also be available to join in through a Zoom Meeting Link to make accessible for both In-Person and Online participation.  

Contact us for information on how to join these Bible studies.


Join us as we pray in the power of the Holy Spirit in UNITY from wherever we are.

The third Thursday of each month we will have community prayer walking at 5:30.

We gather on the front porch and each participant chooses their route and how long they will walk that day.  You can join and walk in your neighborhood, apartment building, etc. praying blessings along the way.

Here are links to Video Prayer Times:

Prayers for FREEDOM & LOVE

Prayers of BLESSING upon all movements of EQUITY & JUSTICE

Prayers of Deliverance from White Supremacy & systemic racism

Prayer for: Neighbors, Specific Requests, Holy Spirit  & The LORD's Prayer.

Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie - Day Twenty Six Morning Prayer

Prayers for Healing and Divine Justice

Christ Candle - remember God WITH US! Pray & fast with guide provided

Pray using items in your home as a guide

Prayers of Lament

Prayers while on ESSENTIAL trips! 

Prayer Drives w/ Encouragement Signs

Prayerwalk inside from where you are!

Prayerwalk! - AUDACIOUS Prayers!

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