UPDATE:  We are monitoring closely and in constant prayer to stay in step with the SPIRIT as we continue to move forward in these times.  The church is NOT a social club - we are a living, breathing, moving body!  Our ministries are still functioning - just in a different way than before as we LOVE our neighbor thru this national crisis.  We encourage you to stay connected!   


We have decided to postpone all gatherings at Broadview Wesleyan church. This decision was not made lightly. After much prayer, much listening and discussions with church leadership we feel that this is the best way to model our core value that has always been to love our community deeply. While this originally made us want to stay open and gather together, we feel that postponing our meeting times is the best way to show love. We decided that to err on the side of caution is the appropriate response in times like these. We are not giving in to fear or hysteria, we are trying to to love our neighbor in the best way possible.

We encourage each of you to be diligent in taking in the Word of God more than any news report for your overall health & well-being. Check in on any neighbors in need and be available to support, love and bring peace to anyone who needs it. Refrain from spreading mis-information from unknown sources and update yourself and others with CDC current information. The church has opportunity to be a source of peace and love over fear. Use this time to praise, pray, and grow with Jesus as we continue moving forward in this season of Lent.

God is our source of comfort, strength, hope and peace. It is for such times as these that we, the body of Christ, have the opportunity and responsibility to be bringers of God's unshakable peace, to be the presence of love and support to those suffering anxiety and to dispel all fear and panic as we embrace God's Holy Spirit of power, love and self-control. Our faith is not moved by these uncertain times, our faith is our source, as God's HOPE anchors our souls.

We continue to make ourselves available to come alongside and support those in need during this time. Stay tuned for resources posted online to unify us in worship wherever we are.

We are a body, and while we move differently during this time - we are still moving, we are still growing, we are still connected.


Pastor Lexa & Pastor Mike